Friday, March 16, 2012

Grandson and me

I paid a visit to Daughter 1 and Grandson this afternoon. I shouldn't have worn beads. But look - a tooth! Well, the beginnings of a tooth.
There's that tooth again. He's still smiling even though the necklace has been whipped away from him. (He could be a girl in this picture, don't you think?)
This is how my piano-learning is going:
Tuesday. I have my lesson, play my little tune, the teacher makes encouraging noises and then plays me the next tune in the book. It sounds simple and lovely. I have a go, one hand at a time, and it's not too difficult.
Wednesday. I have another go, one hand at a time. Easy.
Thursday. I try both hands together. Rubbish.
Friday. Still rubbish. I think: oh woe is me. Why did I ever think I could do this? I'm wasting my time and money. I'll never be able to do it, especially BY TUESDAY!
Saturday. Things improve a bit.
Sunday. Actually, I'm getting better at this tune.
Monday. I can play it, though make the odd mistake from time to time.
The following week: process repeats itself.
Currently it's Friday.


VioletSky said...

So you still have 'things improve a bit' to encourage you forward!
A tooth, my kingdom for a tooth!!

B said...

Keep going! It's nearly Saturday! N looks so much like someone in picture one - who is it? Is it Grandpa (because he's raising his eyebrows) or Dr. P or J? I don't know, anyway, but he looks very like one of us...

the veg artist said...

I can see the tooth from Wales (and the plaster)!

Frogdancer said...

He's growing up so fast!

Jennifer said...

That tooth is shining bright all the way to Australia! Keep persevering with your playing. I am now picking up my guitar again after not playing for several months - have to toughen my finger callouses again, now.

libby said...

Patience and persistence...thats the key, and that child is gorgeous!

Gina E. said...

Yup. It's all down to practice. Makes perfect, don't you know?
We went to a concert last night by a well known theatre organist. He also plays the piano, and his fingers literally flew over the keyboard. I whispered to Ken that he obviously doesn't have arthritis in his hands :-(